Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pre-Friday Festivities...

Ahh fresh morning blog, nothing like it. So what's new... Gorman is back in Columbus, Witten is getting married this weekend, from what I hear Ed will be making an appearance tonight, Brit boy is doing his thing across the pond, and Joe is coming back Friday night? What about big Mike, I haven't checked big boy's in a while, any new stuff from there? Brad sent me a video of a disturbingly large woman doing some scary things with her belly roll that is definite big-boys material (maybe I'll post this later in the day).

Anyway here are some random links, check'em out if you have time.

Dead Sea is a local Columbus Metal band that I just heard about via Mike Ames. Here's a link to one of their songs (northwitch.mp3 5mb). More are available on their site It's been a while since I've listened to straight up metal, I'm not as angry as I used to be and these guys aren't too shabby. Yea if anyone hears of new bands or what not, spread the word (American Idol contestants don't count).

Here's an interesting slashdot article on some people who are utilizing google maps to do some cool stuff, like tracking your location and presenting it on a dynamic website. I've brainstormed about something like this before... who knows if five years a site like this might be just as common as mapquest.

Also I've got two tickets to see Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith on Thursday May 19th @ 7:00pm (Lennox). I've convinced Traci to stand in line with me and the rest of the Star Wars Freaks... now if I could only convince her to dress up like Princess Lea. If anyone else is interested you can pre-order tickets online. Anyhoo, here's a related link from Engadget about a star wars droid racing competition thats got some subtile humor.

That's it for now... post and or comment if you got something to say... or ideas for tonight / the weekend / the rest of your life.


  1. I wanted to post a cinco de mayo comment yesterday but blogger was being a little bitch yesterday.

    If anyone else wants to see the video of the belly roll let me know. It's fucking nasty! Really makes me want to eat a bucket of KFC

    In response the cinco de mayo, we talked more about it last night. The seeds were planted for the pig roast on 4-20 when Ed put an unbelievable amount of cow on the grill at Eastview. It grew leaves on cinco de mayo and blossomed on that wonderful July afternoon.

    Not that '03, '04 and so far '05 have been bad, they've been a lot of fun too, but 2002 was a pretty tits year. Especially that summer and football season. Go Bucks, go OPR and go Mexican drinking holidays

  2. Check out what a search for schvitz in cleveland returns... the competition. Here's an article on New York's Schvitz... reminds me of Cleveland. Ed, did you get your schvitz on this week?

  3. This weekend is pretty nice, so i think i'll do some work on the car and then take her for a topless spin - naked. Listen to that 700cc powerplant roar!
    Good Luck this weekend AW - and i don't just mean at the golf. I shall ignore my rights to prima-nocta as this is a special case.

  4. Erin and I will be getting to C-bus probably around 9ish. Andy, I will give you a call and try to meet up with all of youz.