Monday, January 24, 2005

Pow! Bizzle!

Whaddup Panama Red?
Sorry about the lack of blogging, but erick and I have been too busy keeping it so real it was hard to deal. After the last blog posting we drove up the Northumberland coastline and visited the many small towns and large castles. i became increasingly sick of hearing "oh my god. it's so old". it wasn't planned, but we did go into a pub at lunchtime and see someone with a dog.
We caught the train down to London on friday and met up with Helen. Actually helen met a pub. We arrived there at 4pm and had nowhere else to go as the silly midden was at work. Erick, obviously niave, bought the first round and decided to plump for 'stella artois', reassuringly expensive and affectionately known as 'wife beater'! eight of them later and we're off out for a very british!
Next day we did some tourist shizzle, that you'll no doubt see posted here soon and then went back into town and met more old OSU ex-pats, got rat-arsed, and proceeeded to knock out some shpaes to the euro-trance tunes! Erick represented the US shapeshifters well, but 'the shock on awe that took place on the dance floor' was a truely british affair.
Traci, i have no idea when E's flight will get in due to the weather at your end, if i hear anything i'll post it here ASAP or may be able to email/text your phone if you give me the number.....ass punchizzle!


  1. Hey Andy, I'm glad to hear you had a good time with Elo. He said he would call me once he got into the U.S. but I do think he is going to run into some delays. So if you hear anything email me at or just post something on the blog. Thanks and have a good day!!

  2. Just heard that apprently he called the airlines today and all is meant to be okay. He reckons he can email from the airport, so keep your eyes open for something from him.