Sunday, January 23, 2005

Good day for football

Today's football matchups should be interesting. It's gonna be Rothlisberger v. Vrabel, Brady v. Paulauo, Vick v. Kearse and McNabb v. whoever the hell Atlanta has on defense. Throw Bettis, Dillon, Westbrook and Dunn into the mix, and you have some damn good television for 6 hours. Personally, I'm routing for the Steelers and their Findlay native quarterback. Gorman, you should be too. The Pats need to get beat so that coach can start his new job at N.D. Witten and Jim, you guys gotta route for fellow Miami alum Rothlisberger. Eddie, even though you got in a fight with Steelers fans and Becker got arrested, you've still got to give them props. They play hard nosed football, just like the Buckeyes. In fact, the only real difference between the Buckeyes and the Steelers is the OSU players generally get bigger signing bonuses. British Andy and Lobao, you too should route for the Steelers. Their quarterback shares a nickname with a famous London landmark, Big Ben. As for the other game, I'd like to see the Eagles finally get over the "hump." Donovan is a hoss and he deserves it. Plus, the Falcons have a player named Algae. What kind of name is that? It's like naming your kid mold or mildew. Good thing Randy Moss' parents didn't have the same idea. It would suck to be named Algae Moss. Anyhoo, I just felt like posting b/c nobody has really been mo' bloggin recently.

Ass punch?

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