Tuesday, January 25, 2005

This picture is interesting on many levels. First it shows me eating a traditional Cornish Pasty in Edinburgh Scotland (pronounced Endin-bur-ough). A pasty is kinda like a small calzone with a beef-pot-pie filling. Second, you can see a CCTV camera watching my every bite. These things are everywhere in the UK. Third, the name of the Pub is Fighting Cocks (who doesn't love a good dick joke?). Fourth... doesn't it kinda look like I'm about to throw down the pasty and kick that trendy Euro-guy's ass for wearing a man-purse? Posted by Hello


  1. It's also interesting because that picture was taken in Durham, not Edinbugh.....dumb-fook! And stop the Euro-Bashing because you went to every single Euro guys clothes shop to buy some trendy Euro clothes....so Euro Off!

  2. Thanks for the clarification. While your right about the trendy euro-clothes, a man purse is simply way over the line. In other news I brought back a couple of 'illegal cuban' cigars so we can really put a funk in the air during the pre-smoking ban smoke out. Also I got the pictures from London off of my camera but didn't burn them to a cd so I won't be able to post them today. However I will be posting a video clip from the Newcastle v Southampton match Andy and I attended. It gives a good overview of St. James Park... the second biggest football stadium in England (right ?).