Saturday, January 01, 2005

New year, New Blog

I like the new look, but was a little confused at first and thought i was still high from last night. I have a five hour headstart on you guys, and just woke up about an hour ago. I feel rough as a badgers arsehole. I wen to my mates house for a party, after frequenting the local first. He's a DJ and has a bunch of massive-pillhead friends, like 24hr party people. In the first hour i consumed weed, coke and E....i ended up staying upright 'til about 5:45am. Met some stupid jewish bird from hated can one person be? Jewish AND Scouse! anyway, i loved her for a little while.
Elo! it's two weeks until you step foot on genuine british soil. I'll be trying to get those NUFC tickets soon, and with the recent signings of Jean-Alain Boumsong and Celestine Babayaro you may be in for a treat with a new look defense!


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  1. Yea, today has been slow. My brain is about 10 minutes behind at all times. I managed to stay up till 5:00am or so. Jimmy's lake house was a blast, its like we had three different parties at one place. I've edited some pictures and I'll be posting them soon. Anyway, so much for another New Year... yea what about people's New Year Resoultions? That would make a good use of the new commenting system.

    I'm excited for England. I'm trying to figure out what to bring and what I should bring back. Ya gotta make an honest effort to get some NUFC tickets... I'll be a die hard Fan for a life!