Monday, January 03, 2005

Sugar Bowl?

Here's another reason to use the comment system... Does anyone have plans to watch the Sugar Bowl? I'm not too concerned with the game, but its an excuse to hang out and watch one of the last college football games of 04-05? Tomorrows National Championship game between USC and Oklahoma should be interesting. Speaking of tomorrow's game... anyone got plans for that (T.V. coverage for both games starts at 8:00PM EST)In other news... here's an AP story about soldiers in Iraq playing video games in their spare time (SOCOM gets a mention).

More importantly... post or email me your picture from New Years so I can post them (I'm looking in Joe's Direction, Brit Boy, and Muff Diver). I'll put a couple up tonight from Jimmy's Lake Haus (yes I spelled it Haus).

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