Friday, December 31, 2004

Blog on in 2005!

No you're not at the wrong blog. This is g-town love! As I mentioned earlier I decided to update the look and feel of the blog. Some of you may not like the modern 'polka dot' look, but I think it helps bring the blog into 2005 (whatever that means). Perhaps the most important change is the abilty to add comments to someone's post. Now, rather than adding four new posts with separate titles you can just add a comment to the existing post. Just click on the comment link underneath each post to add your two cents. Also, once you're logged into blogger you should be able to edit your posts directly through the blog (i.e. as you view the blog).

Alright, I hope everyone has a great New Years. I know I'll be breaking out the champagne and waving my glass in the air like I just don't care. This holiday is all about living for the moment (even grandma's get drunk) and not thinking about consequences... so DRINK UP BABY... you've got tomorrow to sleep / drink it off.



  1. Here's a sample comment... just a proof of concept.

  2. Polka dots? Are you bringin the blog into 2005 or 1975?

  3. Yea I know, the polka dots are kinda porn star!

  4. I like the porn star look. It inspires me to further pursue my dream profession... Stunt cock