Thursday, January 13, 2005

Holiday Nightmare

Right, now Elo is safely much are you fella's prepared to pay me to:
a) leave him at the train station and ignore the phone calls
b) tell him it's all the fashion to wear skin tight nylon t-shirts, push him into 'pink lane' and do a runner
c) get him drunk and push him into a local dodgy boozer
d) tell him that the age of sexual consent is only 13
e)make him wear the colours of our local rivals when we frequent the Newcastle game on saturday


  1. Hmm.. I think I'd have to go for e) making him wear the colors of the local rivals to the game.. that may have the best potential to spin outta control. Plus, something tells me he'll take care wearing skin tight nylon clothes on his own.. not to mention getting drunk, wandering into the local dodgy boozer bars, and pushing the limits on the consent laws (sorry Traci).

    By the way - there's no 'u' in "color"..

  2. I concur with Pat's request to have him wear the rival team's colors to a futbol match. Imagine wearing maize and blue and sitting in block O. It would be like the time I unknowingly wore the "wrong" colors into a futbol match in Aztec Stadium in Mexico. They treated us like Pacers in Detroit and spit, cursed and poured beer on us.