Wednesday, January 12, 2005

International Blogger of Mystery

I leave for England tomorrow at 6:30 am. I imagine I'll be able to post somewhat frequently while I'm across the pond, so expect some updates & photographic evidence. In fact... I might do a little mo-blogging and or audio blogging from my phone during my layover in D.C. Please email me your address if you'd like a post card, I should have plenty of time for post card writing on the train from London to Newcastle. Right now I'm considering stopping by Byrnes for a 'bon-voyage' beer... probably just one considering how early I'll be waking up. Anyway, keep up the blogging during my absence.

1 comment:

  1. Have a great time across the pond

    I've wanted to post this for awhile... The new blog is Tits!

    Background... Tits!
    70's Porn Dots... Tits!
    Smaller font... Tits!
    Comment lines... Tits!

    Drink a lot of Ale while you're gone, and Mind the Gap...