Thursday, January 13, 2005

Not so fast...

I'm stuck in DC for the moment. Bad weather caused me to miss the 9:30 flight to London... so now I'm leaving at 6:00pm and arriving Friday Morning at 6:20am. Can you get this info to Helen, I tried sending an email but it bounced back due to the fact that I'm using some kisok and my credit card / passwords are probably in the hands of ist... or teenagers. Anyway, new info...

United Airlines Flight # 918
arriving at 6:20am

I can be reached at (dial or email). Andy can you email me your phone#
Here's to spending the day in an airport.


  1. Right after paying $16 for crappy dial-up kiosk I found a totally free one with broadband inside some little MSN travel store. If I ever meet Bill Gates I'll thank him for it. This means I'll probably check the blog in a couple of hours. PEACE!

  2. I just got a 'hard sale' from some sri lanken dude who said airport / united employees don't get charged to exchange money. I think he ment well, but needless to say I'd rather wait till I get accros the pond. Anyhoo.

  3. Erick,
    A good way to pass time in airports is to down a few cold ones. Then go to a gift shop and buy a pack of cards. Set up a 3 Card Monte table and let the fun begin. You will have earned your ticket money back in no time.