Monday, December 27, 2004

Up to the Elbows... something that's brilliant white. and it ain't snow. Nope, it's fookin gloss paint and all the other expensive shiznit i bought today for the new flat....i'm trying to prepare it for Elo's arrival! Mutha fukka it pisses me off that i've already done this once in the last 18 mths and that bitch is now living in it, nice and cosy.
Anyway, Elo your train tickets arrived and have been mailed down to Hpott, she has them. I also have tickets to go down to the big smoke (where the streets are paved with gold!) on friday with you, returning sunday.
I'm spending a lot of cash on this flat, and so may be playing the pauper card when you arrive. Which reminds me, i need some fresh (quality!) OSU collegiate merchandise! Surely Shotensteins must be having a sale...oh wait, i doubt they'll celebrate chrimbo. Try TK maxx.

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