Sunday, December 26, 2004

Seasons Greetings

Driving through Ohio this Christmas was a bitch. It took me 5 hours to get from C-bus to Cincy on Wednesday the 22nd. I must have seen 25 - 30 cars spun out on the side of the highway on my way down. The holidays were enjoyable though. Mine mostly consisted of food, drink, televised sporting events and video games. I got this NES emulator disk from my buddy at school. It is the bomb shizzy. It has 960 original Nintendo games on it and can easily be installed on any PC. I have yet to think of a game that is not on the disk. After my last exam I came home, installed it and played 7 straight hours of River City Ransom, no lie. If anyone wants it on their computer, let me know and I will bring/mail a disk to you. It has Tecmo Super Bowl, and the original. When I saw SNK fade in, and fade out, then Baseball Stars fade in along with that music, I soiled my pants. I think I feel another plastic crack urge coming on. . . gotta go.

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