Thursday, December 30, 2004

Taco ninja! HAVE to get me a taco Ninja t-shirt (XL!)...if you loved me you would. Is the local news still doing it's trick over there and somehow trying to relate central Ohio to everypeice of global news? "Someone who once passed thru Central Ohio was caught up in last weeks devestating earthquake, and now fears the same could strike Central Ohio...tonight at 10!"
I sampled some of the shizzy i have waiting for your arival last night, my first night in the flat, and watched Training Day. I used a one hitter and got so high off two hits i drank a litre of milk, ate a full packet of chocolate cookies, talked to myself all the way thru the movie and was completely paranoid about the new sounds in my apartment. It was a good night.

Ass punch and out.

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