Saturday, July 23, 2011


Been a while since I've posted.  I really like the new post editor... how long has this been there?  To be honest facebook has taken away my blog visits.  My previous multiple checks of have been replaced by facebook checks form my phone.

Anyway I got a multi function printer the other day and decided to finally scan a bunch of old documents.  Paper sucks and I plan to scan things more regularly to prevent the reams and reams of statements and bills from building up in the first place.  Not sure scanning is actually needed for half of these documents but for some reason I've been keeping the paper stuff "just in case" for a while.

Back to the point of this post... the images included are scans of a set of old concert ticket stubs I've been hanging onto "just in case" for a while.  Now that I've scanned them they can live on as 650KB files on some random hard drive backup instead of shoved in an old desk drawer.  Honestly I'll probably look at them more now that they've been digitized.

Enjoy the pictures... it would be great to augment these with ticket stubs from others.  There certainly was a run of tool concerts in the late 90s which is clearly underrepresented in this sample.  Check out the ozzfest stub signed by Lajon Witherspoon from Sevendust (who have gone on to do some big things).

Quick reminder new Chili pepper Album Comes out soon (stream the first single here).


  1. Sevendust opened for Coal Chamber when we saw them at the Al Rosa Villa. They might have actually been the first band with some other bullshit band after them, then Coal Chamber was pretty shitty. There was maybe 15 people there for Sevendust but they were fucking sweet!

  2. What happened to our Justin Timberlake Pittsburg tickets? Didn't you save those?!

  3. Erick, I still have most of my stubs which are in varying conditions like yours. The sweaty concerts took the most damage. Julie tried to get me to throw them away, but I'm saving them... FOREVER!

  4. Start scanning those bad boys! I honestly thought I had more stubs than this... perhaps there's a second or a third stash somewhere.