Sunday, July 24, 2011

Clean Break

Yesterday's post introduced me to the re-freshed post editor.  The blogger team over at google have been putting in some work over the past 18 months keeping blogger fresh and relevant in the "personal-web-publishing" space.  Seems like and wordpress have pushed them along.

This morning I messed around with a couple of clicks and re-designed the template.  This used to be an exercise handeled in a text editor modifying blogger's own form of CSS with their own unique tags to control the appearance and functions available for the individual posts and the format of the post editor.  Now they've got a WYSIWYG editor for templates which makes things dead simple.

Go blogger go...  I'm sure someday those "alternative" dynamic blogger views will be come standard options.

Check out the sample image of the new "clean" post editor below.


  1. Totally... for got to tag the post. thanks for the reminder!