Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 1

It's been a nice week for me and the Family. We've got a new addition who has been remarkably well behaved.  She's been much quieter at night than Luke was at this point.  I'm sure Emma being our second has a lot to do with it.  I'm generally much more comfortable with infants and feel like I know what I'm doing much more than I was at this point with Luke a few years back.

Anyway, I've still been keeping up on my Tech Feeds and thought I'd post a couple of links I find interesting while our little girl naps in her swing.

First have you heard about's cloud music / file sharing service?  Essentially every Amazon user get's 5 GB of free cloud storage.  This beats dropbox for free capacity (a personal fav due to it's desktop and mobile clients) but is still less than Microsoft's Skydrive.  For me personally this is yet another reason to start using Amazon to purchase music rather than iTunes.  All .MP3s purchase on Amazon's music store will be backed up to your cloud storage which allows you to easily re-download and stream on demand from any web connected device.

There is currently a streaming app for android devices (of course this uses bandwidth so your data charges could apply on a phone).  Also here's a CNET story talking about the potential for copyright violation... which was the first thing that came to my mind about this service as they're emphasizing the ability for people to upload their own music libraries so they can down/load and stream from anywhere.  Anyway, just another example of the increasing integration of "cloud computing"into consumer level tech.

Second, blogger has introduced "dynamic views" for blogger blogs.  It's kinda interesting to see google put more resources into blogger, feels like they've been releasing solid updates consistently for the past six months (very different from two years ago).  Anyway check out to see the posts / images / comments sliced and diced into different formats which present the data in new and different ways.  I assume this is using HTML 5 and is likely supported on iOS devices / solid mobile browsers.  Kinda wish these would be the default view.  Who knows maybe a few more solid updates would increase my blog posting?

One last thing... who picked Butler, VCU, UK and UCONN in the final four?


  1. There's nothing worse than a hairy compact car.

    NO CHECKS! I ACCEPT CASH OR MALT LIQUOR ONLY! What a great way to roll!

  2. Why didn't I check the comments days ago????? The Oatmeal is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you see something beautiful, such as a butterfly or sunset, do you want to smash it?

    A)No, because I'm a giant walking vagina
    B)Only if it pisses me off or threatens my food supply
    C)Yes, I smash everything, including dumb bears

    Which animal scares you the most?

    A)Tyrannosaurus Rex
    B)A bear with sore balls
    C)A pride of hungry african lions
    D)A mountain goat with a raging boner
    E)The beast inside yourself, which awakens as soon as blood is drawn