Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daddy Blogg

Thought I'd post a little personal update on Luke.  He's almost three years old at this point and he's had a big 2011 so far.  We've transitioned him out of the "baby" room and into his new room where he's sleeping in a regular bed.  He's also working on potty training and has been wearing underwear for the past few days.  Sometimes he leaves a few streaks behind (just like his old man) and he's completely soaked his pants once or twice at home but otherwise he's out of diapers. 

He's super pumped for his baby sister to arrive and loves to play the drums on Beatles Rockband (Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds and Yellow Submarine are his favorite tracks).

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  1. To: Luke
    From: Mr. Brad

    You're growing up pretty fast. Here's what I can pass along about little sisters. They're pretty nice to have around for a few reasons:

    - She'll have hot friends

    - She'll be close enough in age that your parents are going to worry a lot more about her then they will about you. Don't try to get away with TOO much, and for the most part you can stay just under their radar.

    - When you're a little older, sisters are great for organizing and hosting family gatherings and coordinating/shopping for joint Christmas and birthday presents. Give her some ideas and some cash, they take care of the rest.