Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blizzard..... Would Snoop call it a Blizzizzard?

I guess there is a blizzard in Chicago right now. Cars, taxis and even buses are completely stuck in the snow. Some people spent the night in their cars on Lake Shore Drive, which is completely shut down right now. There has been a van stuck in the middle of my side street since about 11:00PM last night. Julie tried to take a bus to work and it got stuck after a couple of blocks, but she was able to get off and walk to the train which was working fine.

I snapped a few pictures when I took Finley out this morning. We walked around the block and found about 3-4 feet of snow blocking sidewalks. We walked in the ruts in the snow on the street and it was literally up to my knee and higher in some places. Oh yeah, and the wind flipped over a glass top table on my balcony last night! Exciting!


  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Wow man - looks crazy out there.. in Beijing there's been no rain or snow for over 100 days! Last year it snowed a lot.. starting from November 1st. It's been cold - but dry - and I've now got a kermit the frog humidifier next to my bed.

  2. Unreal! Seems like someone must be doing some gnarly urban snow boarding. The next Youtube sensation is probably being filmed right now!

    The phone / cable lines in our backyard were partially brought down by a fallen tree limb from a neighbors tree. And there have been some random power outages... something like 54,000 AEP customers lost power in Franklin County on Tuesday.

  3. That van in the picture is still in the middle of the street. 2 days now!