Thursday, November 04, 2010


Got this from ball don't lie, a yahoo sports NBA blog that ed turned me on to. This makes me want to dust off the genesis and play some lakers v celtics.


  1. Former Blazer Chris Dudley ran for Governor of Oregon. When I checked the news to see if he won I found this from the Canadian Press

    New Canadian MP Stoffer is one of several MPs taking part in Movember

    Dudley Lost. Here is a pretty good campaign pic of the 6'11" gubernatorial candidate.

    Remember Suns guard Kevin Johnson? He's mayor of Sacramento.

  2. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Chris Dudley may have been a good athlete, personally I don't actual know, but as far as a candidate for governor? Worst! He lives in Vancouver so he doesn't have to pay income tax but can also enjoy coming across the river and spend tax free. He wanted to put a min wage on Servers and Bartenders. As well as having sales tax in Oregon. No Bueno! - Ali