Wednesday, September 08, 2010


With winter fast approaching... game nights will return, and leading the pack in my mind will be Rock Band!!!  I still download new tracks once in a while and Luke enjoy's "playing music" singing into the microphone, playing the guitar, and drums.

Some solid recent additions include Tracks from The Black Keys, Neon Trees, Spoon, Ozzy, CCR, Jimi Hendrix, Alice In Chains, DisturbedTom Petty, Phoenix, The Bangles, Laddy Ga Ga, Rage Against The Machine, Queen (Can you say Fat Bottom Girls !?!?!)The White Stripes, and...

this week...


Here are the current tracks... who knows if he'll release another pack of songs.

Drop It Like It's Hot
Ridin' In My Chevy
Sensual Seduction
Snoop's Upside Ya Head
Tha Shiznit
That's The Homie
Who Am I (What's My Name)?

By the way Rock Band 3 comes out during October... I'll pre-order my keytar and game soon.  Can't wait to jam on the keys!  This thing has a midi-out port so you know I'll be dropping some elctro jams with this sucka!!!  Check out the preview video below.

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  1. The Huey Lewis tracks are a very solid addition!