Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Introducing EWH IV

"What side of the head do people in this Company part their hair?
I've been Continental my whole life, but I willing to go Western."
I think all of you who read this blog have a pretty good idea of how happy this boy's father is.

After 18 hours of labor, pushing, and trying, my little man was born via- C-Section at 3:43 a.m, August 30.  His mom is recovering well and we will be home soon.

As you can see EWH4 has the dashing good looks and chiseled chin expected of a Hastie man... however, the full head of hair must be from his mother's side of the family. I did NOT see that part coming.

I can't for all of you to meet him (that haven't already).

His only apparent flaw is EWH4 suffers from a condition known as "sleep fighting" like his one of his heroes, Ron Swanson.  Which is not as terrible as it sounds - unless you are losing.



  1. Welcome the world, Number 4. May you win all battles against sleep. The waking life is where it's at. Maybe he just wants a Metallica nap. Congratulations, Ed and Marissa! Ali an I will be back for Christmas. We can wait to meet him an take him out for a beer!

  2. Very cool. Seems like there's a good potential for a class of 96 off spring re-union class in Grandview... if everyone moved back.

    You'll have to teach him to talk in the third person ("EWHIV don't want no milk... EWHIV want's a fruit cup!!!).

    Good time of the year to be born to... on the eve of OSU football season.

  3. Edward William the Fourth. Sounds like a king of England or something. The Hastie Legacy lives on!!

  4. EWH4 seems like a continental kind of guy. By the time he's 2 or 3 he will no doubt have proven to be cool enough for a Pat Riley slick back.