Thursday, March 04, 2010

Slightly Different Post

It is not often that you get to share live video clips of yourself at work with your friends. I happened to be in Atlanta for the HIMSS conference this week (HIMSS stands for Heathcare and Information Management Systems Socity) for work. HIMSS is a very large organization representing healthcare providers (doctors, hospitals yada yada) across the country. They are a major force in the HC space and contribute to many of the standards bodies that exist around HC and have actively participated in shaping legislation in Washington.

At the conference I am at, there are roughly 35,000 people so it is a fairly large event. The booths at the trade show are 2-3 stories in some cases where vendors can pay close to half million dollars to participate. In the evenings the vendors have events to draw attention to themselves. One of the vendors this year happened to rent out the Aquarium in Atlanta to have a happy hour. This by itself was pretty cool. When we got there we found out that the main event was a live concert from Colbie Caillat. Not someone I was familiar with although I recognized a song or two. Either way not my favorite music but acoustic and in person she was talented and put on a great show. We captured a couple live videos of here so I posted one from the event of one of her songs you all might recognize.

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  1. I'm sure this women has been featured in Grey's Anatomy at least 10 times.