Monday, March 08, 2010

iPad Killer / Substitute?

I don't work for West Elm or Nike, but the work I do as a GIS consultant has some similarities to the scenarios highlighted in the Microsoft Courier demos below. The iPad seems like a nice media consumption device, but I still can't get past the fact that its basic interface is the same one I have in my pocket, only larger. I like the direction Microsoft is moving here, something focused more around work than play as these days I tend to do much more work than play.

From what I've read, Microsoft plans to release these in the fall of this year. Think they'll become a hit? It's supposed to be about the same size as an iPad, only split between two screens. Also, earlier demos showed the ability to flip the unit over on its side and use it more like a traditional laptop with a "virtual" keyboard displayed on one of the screens.

West Elm



  1. Looks pretty cool. I like the idea of it being able to operate like a normal laptop with a virtual keyboard. in my opinion the normal laptop is better then a single screen touchpad device however I would like to see them focus on better battery life, lighter, and thinner. A virtual keyboard and a touchscreen would all be good ways to do this.

  2. Gimme! That would be perfect for my new role at my company. I now do 100% face to face advertising/marketing consulting with my clients at their location. I'm based out of the house and I have tons of collateral I have to share with them. I even have to come up with advertising copy/design.
    Then I have to sell it. That would be doooooope if I could just write the proposal up by hand on the screen with a math equation and then it just adds it up for me. The client just signs the screen. Then I email it in to the office and ride home to count my money piles. Arg! I want it now!

  3. I don't get this an MS product for the iPad?