Saturday, December 26, 2009


Crazy new iPhone application Ustream!!!!

This allows you to stream live video from your phone to the internet.  There's about a four second delay from phone to web and the quality is about as good as a crappy web-cam.  You can integrate it with facebook and twitter so people can be alerted when your streaming live... cray web 2.0 action!!

Video chat rooms at Ustream

The real use for me is it allows you to capture video on the iPhone 3G (not an actual feature on the now  $99 phone). Other than that I can only think of nefarious uses. However there are chat-room features that work on the iPhone so one could presumably use the iPhone to conduct interviews with a person and take user questions via text. If you haven't seen AVATAR yet go see it... this ustream stuff is just the tip!!!

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