Thursday, October 22, 2009

Steel Panther!!!

This will be Ed's newest favorite album (released after 1996).

The first time I heard these guys I couldn't tell if they were serious or not. Their song "Death to all but metal" has incredible music and hilarious lyrics. That song was enough for me to buy the album. I've got a few copies of the disk burned and waiting in my car. So the next person I see will be a lucky recipient.

Here's one way to describe this band...

Imagine Adam Sandler and Will Ferril (or Ed) making an entire album of hair metal with perverted lyrics.

Here's a line from one of my favorite songs Community Property
"I would give you the stars in the sky but there too far away
If you are a hooker, you know I'd be happy to pay."

My heart belongs to you, my love is pure and true,
my heart belongs to you, but my c*ock is community property.

If you're easily offended just forget I ever wrote 150 words on these guys.

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  1. I just saw them live in Concert about an hour ago. They are AWESOME! and im not the biggest fan of this kind of stuff. Ill post a pick i took with my black berry tomorrow.