Monday, October 19, 2009

Congrats Traci...

Traci ran the half marathon too... this is the third or fourth time she's run the 13.1 mile race.

Traci's dad took both these photos near the 11.5 mile mark. I hope they post more official pictures as I had some good poses. I felt good throughout the race, the training really paid off... might have to run the full marathon next year?!?!?

Traci ran a personal record (dropping 15 minutes off her previous time).

Traci's Official Results
bib number: 13599
age: 31
gender: F
location: Columbus, OH
overall place: 4556 out of 6910
division place: 422 out of 722
gender place: 2349 out of 4113
time: 2:16:37
pace: 10:26
10k: 1:03:05

Erick's Official Results
bib number: 13598
age: 31
gender: M
location: Columbus, OH
overall place: 999 out of 6910
division place: 120 out of 403
gender place: 721 out of 2793
time: 1:48:42
pace: 8:18
10k: 54:03


  1. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Congrats on the great running! ~Marissa

  2. FYI - this was around mile 12 which explains the way that I look : ) Can't wait to watch Marissa beat Ed this weekend in the Pumpkin Run!

  3. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Congrats Traci - Shaving 15 minutes is impressive.. as is "smiling" at the 12 mile mark! Ed's running the Pumpkin Run? Erick, please take video.

    -- Pat

  4. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Way to go Diva!!!!!
    Love - E