Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Links

I'll probably add a new google reader widget to the side of the blog to take care of these types of posts.

City Center Mall Demolition Underway
Not sure how many people actually visit downtown these days but City Center is coming down. While running the half marathon I noticed the "skywalk" that connected Lazarus to City Center was down... I know that happened a while ago but it was still kinda strange to see. Anyway, I guess there will be some sort of Park created once the ruble is removed... who knows how long that will last.

Oh and here are couple of videos highlighting my new favorite iPhone Apps... if I ever dust off the recording equipment you can bet I'll use these on the next track.

And just for good measure!!!


  1. Damn - no more city center - its like the end of an era. It seems like just yesterday we were looking at the new Jordans or Air Max. Does anyone remember the LA Gear Catapult? I also remember getting some astonishingly "good deals" at the Woolworths across the street on crazy glue and super soakers. It was a ride on the COTA back from the city center when a whitey t dude (and Rax employee) tried to jump my buddy (John Deroche) for wearing my Giants Starter jacket before a black dude kicked his ass when we were about 12.

  2. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Taking the COTA downtown was great - and then the long walk to Yankee Trader to buy stink bombs. Those were the days..

    In other NBA related news - here's a good article "Confessions of an NBA scorekeeper"

    -- Pat