Thursday, October 29, 2009

blackberry storm 2

Yesterday was the release of the greatly anticipated storm 2 (or at least greatly anticipated by me). Of course I went out and bought one as I have been awaiting a good touchscreen device from BB since the release of the storm 1 which in my opinion was not great. The new storm gowever with wifi 2gb onboard ram and a 16gb card in addition to the new BB os 5 and a better execution of the surepress keyboard it now has multiple sensors instead of a single sensor to enable multitouch which works pretty well. So with all of the new enhancements I thought I would give it a try.
So far I think it is a freat device if you are looking for asolid BB with a touchscreen.

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  1. Ali loves Crackberry. She is in the market, but wont part with ATT. Give us an update in a couple weeks to let us know what you think after you break it in.