Friday, October 16, 2009

Next Stop... Grandview Station

I copied and pasted this straight from Columbus (Please visit to read some interesting comments)

Grandview Station Project Moving Forward

Grandview Station plans finally rolling
By Donavon Campbell
After a wait of more than 10 months, developer Metropolitan Partners is ready to get to work on Grandview Station, a new development that could house up to five restaurant and retail tenants. Demolition work likely will begin within the next few weeks.
The plan still is to construct the 8,800-square-foot building originally approved by the city. The structure itself will have multiple tiers with a 30-foot tower in the center — facing the intersection — and likely will alternate a red brick facade with a horizontal silver paneling.

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  1. Is that where the Howard Johnson used to be? A bit close to white trash central (the bottoms) isn't it? They'll be fishing in that fountain before you know it. Ed - make sure they put an electric fence around the fountain so that the Hilltop posse doesn't pee in it...