Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why is Apple the #1 Music reseller??

I'd imagine it has something to do with the fact that its closest competitor doesn't carry albums with a Parental Advisory label.

Green Day isn't the best band in the world, but they sure sell a heluva lot of albums around the world. Walmart won't be selling Green Day's next album.

It cracks me up how in this economy, a pretty advanced business is using questionable content as a decision maker for what kinds of goods it will sell.

Seriously?! can they sell movies like Scarface and video games like Grand Theft Auto right next to the music section?? I haven't shopped at Walmart in 10 years I think. I don't miss it either.

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  1. I think it has more to do with the ipod eco-system. I can't remember the last CD I purchased... I want to say Metallica but no I got it on iTunes.

    For me it was getting the my first iPod... that really sucked me into the itunes store. I think apple is very monopolistic and anti competitive when it comes to music and the ipod, but it's really one of the easiest to use services for purchasing music.

    I've been a fan of amazon's music store and they make it really easy to use... but everyone who has an ipod has itunes and that connection to the music store.

    The nearest walmart for me is a 10 minute drive... 10 minutes versus 30 seconds is another big factor in their success.