Thursday, March 05, 2009

Goodbye, Woman...

Woman the Cat - (November 1985 - March 4, 2009)
(a.k.a "Woodie", "Woomie", and "Woman, Fruit of the 'erf")
After a brief struggle with various feline illnesses, Woman passed to the great scratching post in sky. The oldest cat ever seen by Cats Only Veterinarians, she lived to the ripe of age of 23 years, 4 months. Thats like one million people years. Mercy, she is older than Brock. Much older...
Born on the Streets of Columbus, she was adopted by the Hastie/Finneran clan after an exhaustive search in 1989. In a room full of cats at the Humane Society she was the only one that didnt swarm us and was just chillin' on the top of the fridge. We grabbed he because, "we need another woman around the house."
Thought by many to be the most unique looking cat ever to roam the earth. She maintained he striking beauty through a relentless regime of grooming and licking. And the occasional bath from Terry. Survived by by many friends, family, and fellow cats Spike, Daisy, Buffy and that one cat that hardly ever comes out of the basement.
Preceded in death by dear friends Simon (the Siamese one), and Pinky (the tilted head badass). Her epic battles with soulmate Pinky are expected to resume in cat eternity. She spent her elder years sitting in front of the fireplace during the winter and on the deck in the summer. She was an avid Cavs fan and her last game was the Cavs epic comeback against Atlanta on Sunday. Im not kidding she watched the whole.
Bye, Bye, Woman...
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  1. hilarious obit...what a cat

  2. I think she is deserving of a wake. This obit seems to set the tone. What a Woman!

  3. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Her legend lives on. Buffy has a lot to live up to....Marissa

  4. The world will never be the same. Woman has inspired my theory of cat psychology... which is that cat's with woman's coloring (i.e. Virginia) are chilled out lap cats.

    There will only be one Woman!

  5. Damn fine cat you boys had there. My sincere condolences go out to you and yours. Is there an address we can send flowers to?

  6. 2306 Middlesex Road
    Upper Arlington, 43220

    My mom is rather upset, she (like all of us) LLLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEDDDDD that cat.

    As my cousin Seth said in a text: "I woiuld say she was 'only' a cat, but there is nothing 'only' about a feline that lives to be 24 years... No sir--- there was nothing 'only' about woman!"