Friday, March 06, 2009

Cavs vs Celtics Tonight @ 8:00pm

Just a friendly reminder... the first place Cavs are taking on the second place Celtics in what should be a preview of the Eastern Conference finals.

Will Joe Smith suit up or not?


  1. C'mon Cavs this is an important ballgame. Joe Smith is signed but I don't expect him to play. We'll see, he is a professional. Anyone planning on watching this game at a bar or restaurant? I'm down, Erick what about you?

  2. Is Starbury playing with the Celtics now? He would have been a good edition, 5 years ago. His problem is that he thinks he's all-world. Hopefully his NBA, me-first mindset will disrupt the good thing that Garnett, Pierce and Allen had going, and provide a path for the Cavs to reach the finals.

  3. Boo... Celtics 105 Cavs 94. LeBron couldn't hit a jump shot to save his life. Paul Pierce played like a douche and stroked just about every shot he took.

    And "Big Baby" Davis got ejected for a flagrant foul against side show bob (Anderson Verejeao) which reminded me of the old Bulls vs Pistons playoff matchups.

    Cavs play Miami tonight @ 7:30pm