Thursday, January 22, 2009

.Nerd How To

Thought I'd respond to Andy the brit's geo-tagging photo question here for all to see... yea I can use the google.

So you want a map that get's updated automagically with the location of a picture you take with your GPS enabled cameraphone. Well follow these steps.

1) Create a flickr account and enable the "Import EXIF location data". By default flickr won't pull in your picture's X,Y.

2) Create your own personal google map.

3) Copy your your geoFEED or kml rss feed from the bottom of your flickr page

4) Import the geo-RSS FEED to your new google map (just click on import and paste in your feed)

5) Click on the link function in google maps to bring up your embeded code window.

Associated with every flickr user account is a special email address. If your cameraphone supports geo-tagging images, all you need to do is email your photo to your special address and you photostream will get updated and your google map will suck down the latest photos via the RSS feed.

You can also associate your flickr account with a blog. Doing this will give you a second special email address allowing you to post your picture and any additional text to an outside blogging service.

Gotta love web 2.0

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