Thursday, January 22, 2009

.Nerd follow up

Mate - worked a treat...sort of.
I made my google map and paSsed it all my Flickr Photos via the GeoRSS, see here:

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However, all these pic's were geotagged through flickrs map organizr. Flickr won't read the Embedded GPS data in the EXIFs of my photos from my camera-phone. I've edited my settings to make sure it includes it in the upload and set my privacy to 'everyone' but it still won't read them and requires me to use it's own, deskbased, Map organizr thingy.....
I wanna be MOBILE!

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  1. hmm... make sure your phone is attaching the x,y to the photo. I can't see your .exif data on your image. Each image url has a "/meta" link associated with it and I can't seem to see it on your latest phone pic.

    check out mine here.

    maybe there's another setting on the phone to attach location, or perhaps there's another setting in flickr to "reveal" all metadata about the picture.

    I'll look more closely tonight... what specific model of phone is it again SE C909 or something? Sounds like a sweet mid-80s drum machine!