Thursday, December 18, 2008


So the basketball Buckeyes are rolling. 7 and 0 and heading into the Big 10 with a head full of steam. Xavier is doing well too. They are undefeated and playing Duke this Saturday afternoon. I saw them play UC last Saturday at the Crosstown Shootout and they looked impressive. Good ball movement and a balanced attack.

Cleveland State just pulled off a great upset. They beat Syracuse with a last second 60 footer. Here is the clip.

Former UC interim coach, Bob Huggins assistant, and current Ole' Miss Basketball Coach Andy Kennedy got arrested last night for assault. He was leaving the Lodge Bar (across the street from my office) at about 1:20 am when he punched a cabbie in the face and called him bin Laden. He goes in front of Judge Dwayne Mallory in a few weeks. Mallory is an African American and his brother is the Mayor, but he may cave and give Kennedy an easy sentence because I am sure that the majority of his constituents (voters) are Huggins fans. Here's an article.

I am praying that the Bucks beat the Longhorns, but I am cautiously optimistic. I hope that the Texas college football progam has the same level of professionalism as the attorneys in this "Texas Style Deposition"


  1. What ever happened to ohio states assistant basketball coach from last year? Alex knows who I'm talking about, the younger looking bald guy?

    Texas is another planet.

  2. John Groce. He's the head coach at OU