Monday, November 03, 2008

Metallica.... This Sunday

Metallica is playing the Schott this Sunday, doors open at 7:00pm. They're playing in the round... so there shouldn't be a bad seat in the house... in fact I'd almost prefer a lower bowl seat than something on the floor... just so you can see all of the stage.

Tickets are $55 which really means $66 after fees. I decided to use up some vacation time so I'm taking the Monday after off (could be hard to work with the ringing in my head).

Anyway, talk amongst your selves... I'd like to buy the tickets Wednesday evening... I'll call around and see who's interested before pulling out the credit card.

Does anyone know if Gorman has tickets... maybe I should read his original post.

Rock on!

Oh yea and Jared watched them in Portland on Friday or Saturday... give us your impressions!


  1. Im out1 I'll be in chi town for the bucks

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Im going with Shea and Gorman....


  3. I'm going with Shea, Gorman and Anonymous