Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Metallica teaser

I was told to post a review by ERock. I'm wasn't sure I wanted to spoil it. No complaints whatsoever. Seats should be lower bowl, but being in the round makes it okay, anyway you slice it. All concerts should be done this way. Its not too flashy of a show, even though it may seem like a tool show right off the bat. The set list is not exactly like the other 15+ Metallica shows I've seen, so my money was not spent on a re-run. This was the beginning of the tour though, so they may change things a bit by the time you see them. Pack and extra $200 for beer or vodka and a tshirt. oh...the opening band blew hard, but don't show up late, cuz there was only about 20 min between sets.

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