Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lollapalooza 2008 Review

Lollapalooza was amazing! Day 1: Duffy, The Black Keys, Cat Power, The Raconteurs & Radiohead. Day 2: MGMT, Explosions in the Sky, Okkervil River, Broken Social Scene, Toadies & Rage Against the Machine. Day 3: The Whigs, John Butler Trio, Black Kids, G Love & Special Sauce, Flogging Molly, Girl Talk, & Kanye West.

I promised Erick that I would write a review, but I will have to limit it to my favorite three shows of non-Headliners so I don't take up the whole blog (hopefully these YouTube clips will load).

  1. The Black Keys represented Ohio well with their two man only, blues/rock-fest. The show was full of energy in a "lets go play throw Frisbee" sort of way, but also made you just want to kick back and let the music crunch off your ear drums. Stack Shot Billy was my favorite song, which is actually a true story about one pimp shooting another in 1895. I couldn't find that so here is I Got Mine.
  2. MGMT is possibly the weirdest band I saw all weekend, but you have to have respect for a group that can get that many people amped up with jams that are heavily influenced by the keyboard. The lead singer made me think of a strung out, 21-year-old Neil Young-ish weirdo playing guitar on a street corner. Favorite song - Electric Feel
  3. John Butler Trio rocked the house with combinations of 5 finger picks, a slide, a banjo, a 12 string guitar, and a regular acoustic (and that was only his gear). The music inspired, motivated, but also made you just want to just drink/smoke/dance your face off; all at the same time. Funky Tonight was great and I think this is an official Lolla video, so it's better.

I did also want to mention that we were almost trampled to death during Rage Against The Machine and Kanye is way too full of himself but puts on a sweet light show.


  1. sounds like it was an unforgetable concert, crazy awesome line up!! It's great to hear about new bands and get exposed to new music.. Something thatvis getting harder and harder for me to do as work and family take up more of my time.

    Was it stupid hot there, or did the lake breeze help out?

    Jared- have you checked out the lineup for bumpershoot? Just curious.

  2. It sounds like this is where my bachelor party will be next year. I already have been talking to Caleb and Ali about it. Done deal now.

  3. Bumbershoot in Seattle, Northwest Musicfest in Portland and Bend Summer camp have a lot of those during Labor Day Weekend. jeez

  4. Anonymous5:41 PM

    I was also in attendance for Lollapalooza. The weather was hot on Friday about 88ish, a couple bands including the Kills shut down their set 15-20 mins early. Black Keys, Racontaurs (awesome), and Radiohead were the Friday highlights. Radiohead live is a must if they're within 200 miles of where you are go see them, they're what bands will sound like in the year 2040.
    Saturday great weather, Lupe Fiasco, Rage and Wilco was really good. ALl in all great weekend, Nate and I got pretty drunk together on Friday, $5 beers incredibly reasonable. Need some more bloggers to make the trip next summer.