Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bed Bugs

Hey everyone, just thought I would put up a little service announcement about bed bugs. For those of you guys who travel and stay in hotels alot, make sure you do an inspection first thing. Its pretty simple and quick.

Pull back the sheets so that you can see the actual mattress. Depending how extensive you want to look, you can even flip the mattress and look at the box spring also. If you see any black spots on the mattress, small shells like the picture above its time to go! Those black spots are blood from others that have slept in the bed. They basically have to crap it out before return into their home in the mattress. And the shells are from them molting like a snake as they grow.

It not an easy process to get rid of these things. These calls seems to be increase recently. So i hope this helps you guys. Anyways here a little story from 10tv a few days ago about a local apartment complex that just got hit real bad. Click the video button near the top of the story, its pretty interesting. If your bored check out my website.

10tv story

Envirocare Pest Solutions

Your Bug Guy

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  1. Some of our broke ass bankruptcy clients have had issues with bed bugs. One lady had to evacuate her apartment, have all of her property sprayed with chemicals, and find a new place to live. A paralegal here apparently saw a bug jump off of a guys clothes in one of our consultation rooms. This prompted the boss to issue a strict rule: noone with any connection to bedbugs can set foot in our office.