Monday, July 21, 2008


In my line of work a picture is worth a 1000 words. However, a lot of times a picture isn't enough. If you take a lot of screen captures to pass on information to co-workers why not take "screen casts"? Traditionally I've always used the print screen button or Alt-Print Screen to grab my current window, then paste that image into ms-paint. Those days are long gone thanks to Jing!! Jing is a flash based screen capture and video capture tool that allows you to save flash video to your local drive (.swf which any browser with flash can play) and works with an online storage site so you can just send people a link to your video in an email. Once you capture your images / videos you can mark them up with text boxes, arrows, and boxes.

All of this is currently freeware! Not sure if they'll eventually start charging people for the software or the online storage functions / backend. If you don't understand why this is useful than it's probably not for you... or you can check out their intro screen-cast by clicking on the title and hitting up the Video Tour.

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    It's exactly what I need!
    In other news, I'm leaving Gateshead Council. In fact I'm leaving England! I'm off to Dublin to work for a large US civil engineering firm named CDM.
    Once settled all must come and visit me.