Friday, July 25, 2008

Jazz & Ribb Fest!!

It's going down this weekend. Some people from my office are heading down there for lunch. Personally I love going down Friday night for dinner and getting a few samplers & drinks. Luke needs to experience his first rib-fest too. Apparently it's going to rain tomorrow so get the ribs before the humidity kicks into overdrive!!


  1. Hey Erick, I'll be down there tonight probably around 7 or so. It ends about 10pm, so you'll want to get there earlier than usual. ANyone else interested, it's fun, bring the lady friends,the dogs, whatever. Give me a call and I'll direct you to where I'm sitting or don't call and be a loser.

  2. Ill be going, but probably not with the two of you, since the great snub of 07. Did you really think I would forget. Call me when your down there. Caravan 4 cars down to the ribfest is dumb.

  3. Just got back from lunch... ribfest is crack'n!!

    I can't wait to get BBQ sauce on your iPhone Jim!