Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy 30th Erick

You're one hot dad!!
Hope to see everyone tonight around 7 or later.


  1. Old balls, wrinkly skin, are old. Happy B-day C-ya tonight.

  2. Happy Birthday Rock!

    That future blog post thing is cool. If the blog is still kickin' when you turn 40 there's a future happy birthday post waiting.

  3. Happy Birthday old balls. Should we bring anything tonight?

  4. Thanks everyone!! Having Luke makes me feel old... turning 30 is cake!

    We should have plenty of food... the only thing I can think of would be wine or your favorite special beverage / or a mixer if you want it.

    We've got a good amount of liquor, 12 of Seth's gourmet beers, and I was going to pick up some coronas and bud lights.
    We're gonna bust out a few bottles of champaign which we've acquired from Luke's birth too.

    Depending on the weather the party will be inside or outside.

    Come on over when ever you want... we're planning on warming up the grill around 7:00.

  5. Two last things...

    Corn Hole?

    And we'll bust out the blender too.

  6. Happy b-day! Rain, rain, go away..

  7. yeah I guess I thought about it're a dilf. Remember when you used to be just "Erick the jerk?"