Sunday, March 09, 2008


Have you ever sent a text to multiple people? Hate having to respond to everyone individually? What about everyone only being able to respond to you... there's no reply all on my cell phone. There's probably multiple solutions out there, but the latest up and coming service is Twitter. Twitter is more or less a mobile blogging platform built around answering the question "What are you doing right now". Once you have an account set up you subscribe or "follow" other users, then once they post something you get updated.

Pardon the .nerd jargon here but it's like everyone has their own RSS feed which people can subscribe to on their phones. You can activate and de-activate twitter updates by sending twitter a text. Anyway, once you put something in your feed everyone else can see it.

If you've ever signed into face book than it's kinda like the "what are you doing right now?" question they have. Again the point here is that you can access that info via simple text messages. There's also a standard web-page component but the mobile side of things are where it's at.

So who's on board? I could see this being cool if I went out more often... it's a quick way to keep your entire click updated on weekend plans. If your interested I set up an account under the user name erocka.

Anyone have need for a third-party voice mail service? Check out GrandCentral... I'll post something on this a little later.


  1. I gave this a try and must not be smart enough to figure it out. I got my own account set up but fail to see how you connect with others. I am all for something like this thogh to enable mass text distribution. Why would they not put the reply all button on text messages. Mos likely because the information is not being transmitted to begin with but it should be.

  2. I'm with you... the site doesn't make everything 100% clear at first. I finally followed you last night. We'll have to get some other "test subjects" involved to fill out the network.

    In theory it should work like the Batman signal... one person sends something out and everyone gets it.