Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Madness

The NCAA basketball regular season is winding down... next week march madness begins!! I've already called off next Friday in order to veg-out and soak in the opening rounds. A radio add for Roosters pimped free wifi so lap-top stat junkies like me can experience true basketball overload. I believe Ed and Alex have tickets to the Regionals (Sweet 16) in Detroit. Anyway, the rest of the week the conference tournaments will be played (check out table below from CBS-sportsline)... leading up to the tournament selection show this Sunday (Seriously football needs a tournament).

So, outside of your regular office pools, who's interested in a g-town pool? I believe Brad has set these up through yahoo in the past. We've still got a couple of days to figure out the details, but drop a comment or send me an email if you'd like to participate.

I haven't watched to much this year but it doesn't really matter... it's tourney time and anything can happen (UNC will win it all right?).

2008 Conference Tournament Brackets
ACCMarch 13-16 MEACMarch 11-15
Am. EastMarch 7-9, 15 MVCDrake
A-SunBelmont MWCMarch 12-15
A-10March 12-15 NortheastMarch 6, 9, 12
Big 12March 13-16 Ohio ValleyAustin Peay
Big EastMarch 12-15 Pac-10March 12-15
Big SkyMarch 8, 11-12 PatriotMarch 5, 9, 14
Big SouthWinthrop SECMarch 13-16
Big TenMarch 13-16 SouthernDavidson
Big WestMarch 12-15 SouthlandMarch 13-16
ColonialGeorge Mason SummitOral Roberts
C-USAMarch 12-15 Sun BeltW. Kentucky
HorizonButler SWACMarch 12-15
MAACSiena WACMarch 11, 13-15
MACMarch 12-15 West CoastSan Diego


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  2. Im interested, No girls allowed cause they will probably do better then me.

  3. I am definitely interested in a tourney pool. We could do a price for each bracket sheet, with pre determined points for each round, with prizes for the top point getters. Or, we could do a "team draft" where we pick teams in order. This is how the old Broadview guys used to do it. You basically pick numbers from a hat, then pick teams much like the way players are picked in fantasy football. You can have prizes for the national champ, final four, most wins, etc. I think eight players minimum would be needed. I will do the set up if we can get 8 people to commit $20 each or so.

  4. Maybe this weekend someone can get it set up... I think we've used yahoo in the past. I should have some time on Sunday... so look out for an email invite.

    Once we figure out how many people are in it we can figure out entrance fee's and what not.

    Also that will give everyone a couple of days to look over the bracket before Thursday.

  5. I can help get it set up this weekend. Yahoo has worked pretty well in the past. Maybe it's just a gambling addiction, but I've wanted to try and do a completely separate second bracket after the first weekend as a way to double down after getting throttled in the first 2 rounds. You would start over and only be picking from the sweet 16 through the finals. It may not work through an internet site but might work with a very thorough excel spreadsheet, these will probably start getting passed around over email early next week.