Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Greatness

Here's to you, Greatness!

Partyboy, Partyboy Redux, Spud Webb, Dr J., Bird, Vince Carter, Jordan,'Nique, Richardson.

Honorable mention: Dee Brown, Ted Turner, Shawn Kemp HA!



  1. A few President's Day Weekend Honorable Mentions.... The snow storm in 2003, about 18 inches starting Friday night ending Sunday morning. On our way to Kroger Jared and I watched as a City of Cbus dump truck took out the traffic lights at Northwest, Hope, Third, and Meadow, and the best 2 weeks of sledding and snow ramp building in my life.

    Dale Earnhardt Sr. This Bud's for you Number 3.

    Thanks George and Abe for the bank holiday and the day off.

  2. That was when I got this happy little scar on my face from Seth. Good times.