Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Shot of "The Ghost of Youngstown"

If being from Ohio isnt enough... He is sponsored by BW-3's, left his million dollar check from the title win at the hotel, sleeps on his dad's couch during training camp, and he has the heart of lion (watch him pick himself off the ground in Rd 2 vs. Taylor, who gets up from that).... all that and he has a right hand made of brick...

Go to: and watch the video in the bottom right corner... Its about 7-10 minutes and its the highlights of his last 3 fights.... The last part from the Taylor fight is unreal... Pavlik gets PUMMELED in the second round, somehow gets up, recovers, and KO's Taylor is round 7... the crowd goes wild...


  1. so who's watching this... where @... and when does it start? And how come I only ever hear about a boxer a day fight?