Saturday, January 05, 2008

We have made it halfway!!!!

It is encouraging to hear of someone half a world away carrying the OPR spirit still. Hopefully in six months Ryan will be able to join everyone at OPR 7.

Today marks the halfway point to this years OPR. We are 182 days away(roughly 4330 hours 53 min. at the time of this post). I hope people are pumped with anticipation as I am. By tomorrow morning we are on the downhill slide.

Due to the 5th falling on Saturday and everyone having Friday off, this year could be a wild ride indeed. Twice the food, beer, bocce, cornhole, and stories. I can't wait. I may be a little extra pumped due to the Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan I am listening to as I type, but I don't mind, I know they will be there with me as I hope all of you will be.

Keep that OPR spirit alive!!!

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait. Seems like you'll need a little extra planning / communication to manage the potential extra day. I could also see a lot of people doing the "standard" 4th of July stuff and then coming down on Saturday only (Could be me).