Friday, January 04, 2008

Rock the Vote

So the Iowa Caucuses took place last night, and here are the only results I was able to find online:

For the republicans:

1. Mike Huckabee 5,635
2. Mitt Romney 3,163
3. John McCain 1,853
4. Fred Thompson 1,842
5. Ron Paul 1,600
6. Rudy Giuliani 418
7. Duncan Hunter 44
8. Alan Keyes 20

As for the Democrats, I could not find any vote tallies online, but word has it that Barack Obama was first, John Edwards second and Hillary Clinton third.

My homey Ron Paul held strong with 1600 votes. The first place guy, Huckabee ought to be called Hickabee because almost all of his votes came from evangelical christian hicks. People who vote on issues like abortion and religion. I am predicting a victory for Dr. Paul in New Hampshire where trailer parks are probably not as abundant as they are amongst the Iowa cornfields. Paul's political platform is a bit more rational - a smaller Federal government and a stronger dollar. And his campaign is completely grassroots. He raised over $6 million in one day without corporate funding.

Here are some good Ron Paul clips from youtube:

George Carlin on Ron Paul

The Shocking Truth

Ron Paul Rising

Last but not least - Thank you Lloyd for several enjoyable games, including that great win over the gimps from Gainesville. Go Bucks!

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  1. The Democrats use a different system for their caucus... it's more like the electoral college, hence no real raw number of votes.

    The NY Times has a little interactive graphic that breaks down the results.

    Link here.