Friday, December 07, 2007


I don't much hype has surrounded this weekends fight between Maaaaaaaanchesters Ricky "Hitman" Hatton and Michigan's Floyd "pretty boy" Mayweather - but it's HUGE here!

Why? Many reasons....
1)It's two undefeated boxers fighting for the undisputed welterweight championship of the world
2) over 30,000 UK fans have invaded Las Vegas to make the place feel like home turf for hatton - a big point considering many UK boxers are mocked for never leaving the UK.
3)this fight, promoted by Oscar dela Hoya in his new role as promoter, is literally the most closely match pound-for-pound fight in the past decade!

Floyd Mayweather is named 'Pretty boy' by his own camp - due to his ability to avoid cuts and swelling during a bout. He has some of the best defensive boxing seen in the sport, and is a proven contender with 38 undefeated fights, mixing with world class stars since 21 years of age.
His flamboyant style is at odds with Hattons down-to-earth, psychologically mature approach to this fight. Hatton is the underdog, known to cut in the ring. He was the US bookies longshot for many months..until....he landed in the US several weeks ago and people began to realise that this guy, boxing since 11 years of age, was something to be taken seriously. The media circus has moved from vegas, to LA, to Mayweathers home state of Michigan, back to Vegas....and during this time hatton has out-psyched Mayweather resulting in the latter resorting to cliched press conference 'loud mouthing'. Hatton has never finched. He may be the underdog, but has been throughout his career. A career in which he's never lost.

Who will win? If i remove the UK press hype i honestly don't know. Mayweather is a thoroughbred professional with quick hands and a solid chin. Hatton is a determined character, with enormous support stateside and, i believe, genuine confidence in his ability to win this fight. On the other hand - Hatton cuts up easily, Mayweather can loose focus due to playing up to the media too much.

My verdict? If hatton can force Mayweather into his defensive position, and thus avoid being cut, he can't knock out maywether but can last all 12 rounds and maybe nick it on points through sheer grit and determination. If he gets caught by a mayweather combo, he may have a strong jaw, but I don;t know if his face can take a sustained a attack.



  1. You've convinced me to watch this fight!!! I've seen Pretty-Boy Floyd fight several times and he eventually gets under my skin due to his never ending trash talking.

    The ESPN analyst says it will be a split decision in favor of Floyd. What time will this be televised for you!?!?

    I need to watch BBC America more... my accent isn't what it used to be.

  2. It's over - Hatton Knocked down in the 10th round. What happened? well, pretty much as predicted - Hatton fought from bell to bell in every round, but rarely penetrated Mayweathers defense with anything of any substance. Mayweather picking his shots much more accurately. As predictd Hatton got a cut, and was docked a point for pushing Mayweather outof the ring all in the same round. After that he lost the plot and simply went for it - leaving himself wide open to Mayweathers cold, calculated and accurate jabs.
    The final blow came when haton forced mayweather into a corner and lunged at him with a huge right hand. Mayweathers speed allowed him to not only get himself out of the way, but release a quick counter which actually caused hatton to stumble into the metal corner post and bounce off. This inself was punishment enough, but Hatton picked himself up and tried again. A flurry from Mayweather forced him down again and this time the ref stopped it.
    For all Hattons grit and determination he was unable to penetrate mayweathers legendary defense. Pre-fight, Hatton knew this and so followed, without fail, his tactic of simply wearing down his opponent with small, niggling body shots. However, what we didn't know that was despite being a technically superior boxer Mayweather is a 'fighter' too - perhaps he can walk the walk after all. It's hard to doubt him after this display....