Monday, December 10, 2007

Battle of Ohio

My buddy from work is selling good tickets to the Browns v. Bengals on December 23rd for $100 a piece. Alex, based on previous discussions, you have first dibbs, but if I don't hear from you in a day or two, they belong to the first person to give me word.


  1. Yeah, I just to find someone else who wants to go. But yes I'm down. Unless, there's a cheaper better seat option you're aware of. I'll call you later tonight.

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Joe, based on our previous discussions I hope you know I'm just gonna scalp. Sorry for Native Americans who read this offensive remark. Anyone else want to go cheer on the playoff-bound Browns on Sunday Dec. 23rd in Cinci-Tucky? Tix should be cheap since Bengals fans season's are over and they'd rather watch NASCAR reruns and cheer on Jimmie Johnson. Hit me back fellow Browns Backers...I'm sure no one will respond which is sad.